Program Offerings

Sioux Valley Energy has developed the REVIVE 2030 program to partner with and/or assist communities with community and economic development. The Cooperative is pleased to offer the following program offerings to your community.

REVIVE 2030 offers (or can provide access to) the following suite of services to communities within the Cooperative’s service territory footprint. Some services may be contracted utilizing matching REVIVE 2030 funding assistance:

  • Grant Writing Assistance: Sioux Valley Energy will work with communities on identifying applicable grants, gathering information for the application process and may help a community complete grant applications.
  • Community Planning Assistance: Communities needing assistance in planning community projects, exploring funding for those projects, and carrying out planning tasks can request assistance from Sioux Valley Energy.
  • Strategic Planning Services: Sioux Valley Energy may assist communities and associated economic development organizations with strategic planning for its boards, committees, leaders, etc.
  • Education and Networking Opportunities: Sioux Valley Energy may provide education/training along with networking opportunities for communities and its citizens as it pertains to economic/community development.
  • Community Marketing Assistance: Sioux Valley Energy can provide limited marketing design and advertising development to a community to promote the area or an event. 
  • Event Planning Assistance: Communities needing assistance in planning activities that will benefit the community and its citizens such as summer festivals, downtown community events, parades, etc., can request limited planning assistance from Sioux Valley Energy.

Sioux Valley Energy has funds earmarked for community and economic development. Through the REVIVE 2030 program, communities may request an application. REVIVE 2030 funding is not guaranteed and communities/organizations may only receive a portion of their request due to limited funding. Project categories may include (but are not limited to):

  • Community Planning 
  • Economic/Community Development Training Opportunities 
  • Community Coaching
  • Learning Network
  • Development Services
  • Placemaking/Beautification Efforts

Communities within the Sioux Valley Energy service territory footprint may also have access to the following programs:

Contact Information:

Jay Buchholz, CKAE
Manager of Public Relations 
Mobile Phone: 605-940-2053
Direct Phone: 605-582-3162
Office Phone: 1-800-234-1960

Brandon Lane
Economic Development & Community Relations Executive 
Mobile Phone: 605-251-9911
Direct Phone: 605-582-3174
Office Phone: 1-800-234-1960

Overview of Revive 2030 partnership with Hills, Minnesota, childcare center.

Overview of Revive 2030 participation with Rock Strong event partnership with Rock County Economic Development Authority.