The operation of Sioux Valley Energy and your involvement is guided by a set of by-laws that are available for your review here. If you would like a paper copy of the bylaws, please contact our office at 800-234-1960.

One of the benefits of being a member of an electric cooperative is that you have a say in how the Cooperative is governed. You own a portion of the business and receive patronage capital (capital credits) based on the amount of electricity you use over the years. Periodically, those capital credits are retired and returned to you in the form of a bill credit.

Among the commitments you make by accepting this membership and service, are:

  • The agreement is to be bound by the bylaws and policies, rules and regulations of this Cooperative
  • The agreement to maintain your electric facilities on and in your premise to the safety standards required by appropriate local and state codes.
  • The agreement to indemnify the Cooperative against injury, loss or damage resulting from defective or improper use or maintenance of your premises' wiring or any apparatus connected thereto.
  • The agreement to provide easements as required by the Cooperative to provide service to you and other Sioux Valley Energy members, including the right of entry on your property for necessary maintenance of the Cooperative's electrical delivery system.

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