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NOTE: There may be changes to various programs in 2022. Call for details on the 2022 programs.

Sioux Valley Energy offers energy efficiency and conservation programs to save you money. Members who qualify for the electric heat rate save big by installing a separate sub-meter to calculate the reduced heating rate per kilowatt hour for the billing cycles of October through April. Former Alliant Energy customers are eligible for ENERGY STAR heat pump rebates but not for the reduced electric heat rate or air conditioning credit at this time.

Heating and cooling use the largest chunk of your home energy dollars. When you choose electric, you know it’s clean, reliable and safe, but it can also be very efficient. It’s tough to beat the efficiency of an electric heat pump that not only cools your home in the summer, but also heats it in the winter.


  • $600 – Air source heat pump with non-electric back-up heat
  • $1,200 – Air source heat pump with all electric back-up heat
  • $1,200 – Geothermal heat pump (26% federal tax credit available)
  • $100/ton – Mini-split heat pump equipment

*Traditional heat pump whole home systems must be a minimum of 2 ton with backup equipment to qualify. Rebate eligibility once every 10 years per account. Rebates cannot exceed the cost of the equipment.

ELECTRIC HEAT RATE: A sub-meter can be installed on electric heat equipment to receive a reduced rate for the billing cycles of October-April. The sub-meter is free for heat pumps two ton or larger and electric resistance heat over 5 kW, or a $200 installation fee is charged. Members who connect central air conditioners or heat pumps to load management qualify for a $6 credit per month for the billing cycles of May-September with a minimum total electric usage of 300 kWh. (*Former Alliant Energy customers are not eligible for the heat rate or AC credit.)

Call our Energy Services Department at 800-234-1960 for more information.

  • Members can participate in the reduced electric heat rate program for electric resistance equipment. The sub-meter equipment is installed FREE of charge for electric resistance equipment more than 5kW. A $200 fee applies for 5 kW and under.
  • Rebates and loans are not available for electric resistance equipment.

Members who request a load management control device for their central AC/heat pumps qualify for a $6 credit per month for the billing cycles of May through September with a minimum total electric usage of 300 kWh per month. You can learn more about Sioux Valley Energy's load management system HERE.

Please contact the Energy Services Department at 800-234-1960 for additional information or to sign up for these programs. Rates and programs are subject to change without notice.

Electric heat rebates are available for agricultural, commercial and multi-family facilities. Heat pumps are rebated at $50/ton up to 150 tons. Electric resistance heating equipment is rebated at $10/kW up to 600 kW.

  • A sub-meter can be installed on electric heat equipment to receive a reduced rate for the billing cycles of October - April.
  • The sub-meter is free for heat pumps two ton or larger and electric resistance heat over 5 kW, or a $200 installation fee is charged. (*Former Alliant Energy customers are not eligible for the heat rate.)
  • Fees apply for sub-metering three-phase equipment.
  • The electric heat rate is not available for large power accounts. Apartments up to 8 units can be sub-metered for the reduced rate. Tenants in all-electric heated apartments larger than 8 units can receive a reduced basic service fee in lieu of sub-metering.

Call our Energy Services Department at 800-234-1960 for more information.

Today's electric heat pump combines ultra-reliable heating and cooling with unbeatable operating efficiency. In the winter, a heat pump will keep your home warm and comfortable; in hot, muggy summertime weather, the same system will keep you cool, humidity-free and comfortable.

For example, a new electric geothermal heat pump can extract up to three times as much heating/cooling energy from the earth as the cost of the electricity it uses to operate. The best of the today's air-source heat pump systems can be up to 200% efficient.

If you're building a new home, or if you're thinking about replacing your existing home's heating/cooling system, let us tell you why a heat pump might very well be your best, most economical choice.

More Information on Heat Systems

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can be installed in the ceiling, walls or floor of a home and can heat the entire house or just one part. Radiant heat is like the sun. It heats objects instead of the space.

  • In Floor Heat: With this system, electric heating cables, mats or pipes with hot water are installed below the floor. Heat radiates from the floor to provide a comfortable, even heat throughout the area.
  • Cove Heat: A long, narrow radiant heat is installed high on the wall of each zone with Cove Heating. Heat radiates like the sun, traveling down to heat the room rather than rising to the ceiling.

Electric Thermal Storage

Electric thermal storage units store heat in dense ceramic bricks in each room. As the thermostat calls for heat, air is circulated around the brick and into your living area, providing clean, quiet and comfortable heat.

Baseboard Electric Heat

Available in varying lengths, electric baseboard heaters are fastened to the wall near the floor in individual rooms. It is the ideal option to add to rooms that are harder to heat or to use in homes without ductwork. Each room has its own wall-mounted or unit-mounted thermostat.

Electric Forced Air Heating

An electric forced air furnace blows air over a series of electrically heated coils and distributes the heated air throughout the home through a ducting system. Electric forced air systems can be coupled with air-to-air heat pumps or central air conditioners for year-round comfort.

For more information on electric heating options, call your local electric cooperative.

  • Most common type of electric heat pump
  • Extracts heat from the air and transfers it either inside or outside your home, depending on the season.
  • Maintains consistent temperatures year round.
  • Can be installed in almost any home.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.

When it comes to heating and cooling a home, it's tough to beat an efficient electric heat pump! Heat pumps are proven, reliable workhorses that function in the same way a refrigerator or air conditioner does. They don't create any heat they simply move it, or pump it, from one place to another. Because they create no heat, they use very little energy to get the job done. And because they're electric, you know they're clean, reliable and safe. No fumes, no tank to fill, no pilot lights, no worries.

How They Work ...

Heat pumps aren't new. Electric heat pumps first appeared in the 1930s, and they've improved dramatically. The U.S. Dept. of Energy says: "Recent development in heat pump markets today have made them more reliable, and many applications can offer substantial energy and dollar savings." In other words, if you haven't seen a heat pump lately, you haven't seen a heat pump!

Heat pumps operate simply: They extract heat from a source at a low temperature and discharge it at a higher temperature. This transfer of heat allows a heat pump to supply more heat than the equivalent energy it uses. That means they're highly efficient, which translates to lower operating costs.

Even in the coldest weather, there is heat energy in the air. In extreme cold, heat pumps use built-in supplemental heating to ensure comfort in even the coldest climates. In fact, heat pumps are one of the most popular space conditioning technologies in Sweden, which isn't exactly tropical!

In the summer, heat pumps give reliable, efficient air conditioning and dehumidifying by reversing the process. They really are the best year-round home comfort solution. Ask your cooperative for more info.

Easy Efficiency...

Heat pumps use your home's existing ductwork, so it's easy to convert an inefficient propane or oil system. Heat pumps can also be used in an add-on role, working in tandem with a furnace for significant savings (ask your cooperative for more information about add-on heat pumps).

Heat pumps are a great choice when it's time to update, refurbish or expand a home. They're also perfect for new construction. Another type of heat pump is the "ground-coupled" or geothermal system, which offers the highest heating and cooling efficiency available anywhere today. Ask your cooperative for advice on heat pump dealer and installers in your area.

The Power of the Future...

Heat pumps are just one example of why electricity is the clean power of the future. People are discovering that electric technologies are more efficient AND cleaner than combustion energy sources. Electric technologies simply do more with less energy! But the story doesn't end with heat pumps. There is a broad spectrum of electric home heating and cooling options, ranging from flexible baseboard units to high-tech radiant heating. Electric air conditioners, water heaters, dryers, and ranges make your home more efficient, cleaner, and more convenient. Electric water distillers, cordless mowers, and high-efficiency lighting save energy while reducing emissions. Talk to your electric cooperative about the clean power of the future.

  • Taps into the relatively constant ground temperatures.
  • Transfers warm air in or out of your home, depending on the season.
  • Heats and cools evenly.
  • Runs clean.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Durable system that requires little maintenance.
  • Lowest cost of operation available.

Geothermal FAQs

A single, simple system for heating, cooling, even water heating.

The Simple Solution...

It's simple: people need to heat their homes in the winter. And most people choose to cool their homes in the summer, too. But it can seem like that's where the simplicity ends. Different equipment, different energy sources, different needs...it can be hard to sort it all out. There is a simple solution: a single system for heating, cooling, and even water heating, which uses the abundant, natural energy the earth stores beneath us. It's the ground-source heat pump, or "geothermal system." And it's simply your best home comfort solution!

How They Work...

The earth has a handy property that makes geothermal systems possible: year-round temperature stability. Picture a long pipe that loops underground. Pour ice water into one end of the pipe, and warmer water comes out the other end. The earth's stable temperature is warmer than the water and gives some of its heat to it. Likewise, warm water going in would come out cooler. This simple piece of physics is what makes the geothermal system work. Fluid cycles through a "loop field," gathering up heat in the winter. A compressor concentrates this natural energy and uses it for home heating. In the summer, the process simply reverses.

The whole system is highly efficient AND environmentally friendly. You aren't creating heat—you're only moving it from one place to another. And of course, high efficiency means low cost!

Flexible Options...

Geothermal systems come in many styles to fit differing needs.

Vertical loops use boreholes to sink tubing deep into the ground and require very little land. The number of loops is varied to precisely match the needs of the installation.

When more land is available, horizontal loops can be trenched in 4-8 feet beneath the surface. Other innovative options, such as the "slinky" loop, make geothermal systems flexible and adaptable. Your cooperative can help you decide which is best and put you in touch with qualified installers.

Down-To-Earth Savings...

Geothermal systems are the most efficient home heating and cooling options available today! They don't create any heat and only require a small amount of electricity to power the system. Comparing actual costs tells the whole story:

When a geothermal system is in use, excess heat energy can be routed to your water heater. The result is saving two-thirds of your water heating costs year-round!

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NOTE: There may be changes to various programs in 2022. Call for details on the 2022 programs.

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