Energy Make Over Contest

“Ugly Fridge Makeover”

Watch for our quarterly Energy Makeover Contest to have chances to win valuable prizes to enhance efficiency and conservation efforts in your home or business. Learn how little changes can help you save big!

Do you have an ugly, old, inefficient refrigerator that’s chilling your energy dollars? Send us a picture and enter for a chance to win up to $2,200 towards purchasing a new Energy Star rated refrigerator at a retailer of your choice. Members will get to vote for their favorite “ugly fridge” finalist at the Annual Meeting in Pipestone on June 4th.

The first step in reducing your energy consumption is understanding where the majority of your energy dollars go. Heating, cooling and water heating account for at least 50%, followed by your clothes washer/dryer and refrigerator/freezer. Refrigeration uses approximately 8% of your energy costs. Replacing those old inefficient appliances with new Energy Star certified ones can help you save money. Energy Star labeled refrigerators use 20% less energy than required under current federal standards and 40% less than a conventional model sold in 2001. Selecting an appropriately sized refrigerator is important as well since larger appliances use more energy. Top freezer models are more energy efficient that side-by-side models. Added features such as ice makers and water dispensers, especially through the door, generally use more energy.

If you have an old, second refrigerator in the garage or basement that you use for extra items, consider recycling it or upgrading to a smaller, more efficient refrigerator. It is likely that the cost of operating the old appliance is more than any savings gained from buying in bulk or keeping extra items on hand. 

(Winner must provide an estimate/invoice for the energy star rated refrigerator of their choosing from any retailer. Check will be issued to retailer up to $2,200 (not to exceed the cost of new refrigerator/recycling of old appliance. Proof of disposal of old appliance required via retailer/recycler affidavit. Refrigerator must be purchased by December 1, 2019.) 

Fill out the form below and upload a photo to submit your entry for the Ugly Fridge contest!

Ugly Fridge from Garretson

Ulgy Fridge from Brandon

Ugly Fridge from Hills

Enter for a chance to win!!!

Please complete the entry below and hit submit. One entry per member. Enter by Enter by May 24th, 2019 .

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