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Energy Comparisons

How to use the chart

Find the chart of the electric heat you're considering i.e. air-to-air heat pump; geothermal (ground source) heat pump or electric resistance heat.

Find the kWh price for electricity and compare it to prices for propane, natural gas, and oil on the same line.

For example, geothermal systems, with electricity at 6.05 cents/kWh is equal to propane (in a 90% efficient furnace) at 49 cents/gallon. If propane costs more, it's a more expensive form of heat.

Electricity Water/Air HP
(COP 3) (cents/kWh)
Fuel Oil Regular
(60% eff.) ($/gal.)
Propane Regular
(90% eff.) ($/gal.)
Natural Gas Regular
(80% eff.) ($/therm)
Natural Gas Super Eff.
(90% eff.) ($/therm)

Geothermal & Ground Source Heat Pumps 300% Efficient


Air to Air Heat Pump 200% Efficient


Electric Resistance 100% Efficient


Home Energy Savings Guide


An energy audit is the great tool to help you determine the location of energy leaks in your home. A third-party certified audit is available for $100 plus tax. 

The audit includes inspections of insulation, windows, doors and other areas that may require air sealing measures. The use of Infrared camera imaging and blower door testing is also included—those devices provide the most beneficial information during the months of November through March. 

The member is required to be home during the inspection and is encouraged to walk around with the inspector to take note of areas that could benefit from weatherization improvements. 

An energy audit report of the recommended weatherization and energy saving techniques will be sent to the member.

    *Rates and programs are subject to change or end without notice.

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    Energy Efficiency Tools

    How to use the chart Find the chart of the electric heat you're considering i.e. air-to-air heat pump; geothermal (ground source) heat ...

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