Renewable Energy

More than 40 percent of the electricity that we deliver comes from renewable energy sources

Sioux Valley Energy, along with other electric cooperatives, is working to bring renewable energy to their members. Electric cooperatives have been leaders in developing renewable energy systems in the Midwest. Our renewable portfolio includes hydropower, wind, waste heat recovery and a small amount of biogas from manure digesters.

SVE Solar Array Project

Sioux Valley Energy constructed a solar energy project in April 2015 at its Brandon Service Center. The solar array was energized May 1, 2015. The project was developed to help the Cooperative learn more about the construction, maintenance and energy production of a solar array.

SVE Solar Project Facts:
• 24.8 kW (Enough power for two homes)
• 80 panels on low profile racking
• Panels face south, southwest and west
• 19 main support channels- 8 ft long, cemented in a 5 foot hole
• There are no batteries used in this design
• Panels placed at 35 degree tilt
• Built and installed by SVE employees
• Array installed for approximately $3 per watt
• Estimated life of array is between 30 and 50 years
• Power that is produced is put back on to the SVE grid
• Solar Edge inverter monitoring system

To monitor the energy production of this project, log on here: SVE Solar Project Energy Output

Renewable Energy Credits

You can easily purchase renewable energy from your local electric cooperative, Sioux Valley Energy. Sioux Valley Energy has Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) available for purchase to offset your current usage with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% renewable energy options.

The electricity you will receive will still be the same reliable, affordable energy you always received from Sioux Valley Energy. By participating in this program, you will be supporting current and future renewable projects in our area.

Your home or business will join hundreds of other people from across the nation who are supporting renewable energy. By purchasing RECs, your business could add value to your products or services, promote future regional renewable projects and showcase your support for renewable energy sources.

For more information contact, Debra Biever for residential requests and Jay Buchholz for commercial/industrial requests:


For additional information or to fill out the application:

Thinking of installing solar?

Sioux Valley Energy is your Touchstone Energy cooperative. We are your source for energy and information. Interest in renewable energy is growing and we know our members have questions.  There are several resources below including our NOVA Power Portal which will walk you through the interconnection process and the NREL's PVWatts Calculator which will help estimate the performance of potential solar installations.  In addition, below you will find solar fact sheets. Contact us for more information about solar and assistance in making decisions about whether solar is a good option for you at 1-800-234-1960.

  • Interconnection is an important part of the process, to start the application process visit Sioux Valley Energy's NOVA Power Portal.
  • NREL's PVWatts® Calculator estimates the energy production and cost of energy of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems throughout the world. It allows homeowners, small building owners, installers and manufacturers to easily develop estimates of the performance of potential PV installations.
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