District Meetings

Sioux Valley Energy hosts local meetings in each of its districts every winter. The meetings offer members the opportunity to learn more about important issues facing the electric cooperative and hear from their Board director and the CEO/Manager.

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SVE Director Petition

2020 District Meeting Schedule

MEETING DATE                 DIRECTOR/DISTRICT       _                  TOWN                   LOCATION_________________

Thursday, March 5th                   Leuthold (8)                                Luverne MN            Grand Prairie Event Center

Monday, March 9th                     DeGreef (1)                                 White SD                 McKnight Hall

Thursday, March 12th                 Martinson (3)                              Flandreau SD          William J Janklow Center

Thursday, March 19th                 Roskamp (10)                              Edgerton MN         Edgerton Public School

Monday, March 23rd                  Fish (6) & Rogen (6)*                  Brandon SD             Brandon Valley High School

Tuesday, March 24th                  DeMent (7)*                                Hartford SD             West Central School

Thursday, March 26th                Kooima (2)                                   Volga SD                 Sioux Valley School

Monday, March 30th                 Johnson (9)*                                 Pipestone MN         Pipestone High School

Tuesday, March 31st                  Daniel (4)                                     Madison SD            Dakota Prairie Playhouse

Thursday, April 2nd                    Weinacht (5)*                               Colton SD                Taopi Hall

*Indicates an election meeting.

Petition Deadlines

District 6 petition due Jan. 23, 2020. (Only one at-large seat up for election.)

District 7 petition due Jan. 24, 2020.

District 9 petition due Jan. 30, 2020.

District 5 petition due Feb. 2, 2020.

  • Feb. 2 is a Sunday and SVE offices are not open that day. Please mail prior to the deadline, deliver to a SVE office early during the work week or drop it off in one of our drop box locations.

Director Districts

Director Districts Townships

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