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Operation Roundup FAQs

Can I FAX an application?

Yes, you can FAX an application to 605-256-1693.

Do I have to participate in Operation Round Up?

The Operation Round Up program is voluntary. Each new customer is automatically signed up to participate, but any customer who wishes not to participate may notify us in one of the three ways.

  1. Respond by using our web site:
  2. Call our office at 1-800-234-1960, or
  3. Sign and return a form in their "new member" packet

How many cooperatives participate in Operation Round Up?

There are currently over 150 cooperatives across the country participating in this program including 21 in Minnesota and two in South Dakota. 

How much can a person receive from the Operation Round Up Program?

Individuals are eligible to receive up to $2,500/year and groups, organizations, or charities are eligible to receive up to $10,000 annually.

How much will Operation Round Up cost a customer?

The average customer will contribute $6.00/year; the most they can contribute is $11.88/year. These dollars are tax deductible. The total amount you have contributed during the year will be reflected on your December electric bill.

How was the decision made for Sioux Valley Energy to participate in Operation Round Up?

The information was first presented to the Member Advisory Committee for their reaction before it was presented to the Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors. Focus groups discussed the proposal and recommendations were made for implementation of the program. The Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors voted to accept the recommendations and proceeded with the program. 

What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up gathers voluntary contributions from participating cooperative customers by "rounding up" their monthly bills to the next dollar resulting in an average donation of roughly $6 per year, which is distributed to worthy local causes. Small change indeed. But multiplied by our 20,000 customers, it is "small change that changes lives."  Every donation is made to applicants right in our own local area, and nearly all of the contributions go to the needy, not to the administrative costs of running the program.  What is most rewarding about the concept of Operation Round Up is that it is an extension of the concept of neighbor helping neighbor that built our electric cooperative. 

When are applications due at the Sioux Valley Energy office?

All applications received by the 20th of the month preceding a Board meeting will be considered at the next Board meeting. For example, an application received at the Sioux Valley Energy office by February 20th will be reviewed for funding at the March Board meeting.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust
PO Box 216
Colman, SD 57017

When are projects eligible for funding?

Whenever possible, requests for funding should be for projects that will be completed within 12 months following the grant application. Requests for funding for projects that have already been completed will be given less priority. 

Where are the funds kept?

The Operation Round Up funds are kept in a trust fund and are dispersed as directed by the Operation Round Up board.  

Who can apply for Operation Round Up funds?

Individuals and non-profit organizations within the Sioux Valley Energy service area may apply. 

Who controls the funds that Operation Round Up generates?

The Operation Round Up is a separate entity with its own board consisting of leaders within the community. The Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors appoints one director from each of the following counties: Minnehaha, Moody, Lake, Brookings, Rock, Pipestone and the at-large director.

Who will benefit from the Operation Round Up program?

The Operation Round Up program is intended to benefit people and organizations within the Sioux Valley Energy service area. Operation Round Up funds may be used for community service projects, economic development, education and youth programs, environmental projects, emergency energy assistance and disaster relief. 

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