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Weatherization Home Improvements

Sioux Valley Energy provides a weatherization rebate program to assist members in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes.  Weatherization home improvements include windows, doors, insulation, caulking and weather stripping. Members can receive a 20% rebate for weatherization project costs (lifetime maximum of $1,000 per account, not to exceed $5,000 per member/owner).  Sioux Valley Energy must conduct an energy audit PRIOR to the work being performed to be eligible and will inspect the project upon completion. 

To qualify for the rebate:

  • The member agrees to pay the audit fees and will be reimbursed the full audit fee of $45 plus tax for a level I audit or $75 plus tax for a level II audit when the rebate is processed.
  • Rebates are available only for home improvement products in existing homes, that meet Energy Star standards. Homes newly constructed within the last five years are not eligible for the program. Energy Star labels must be included in the rebate application for each home improvement product. Windows and doors must be Energy Star certified in the northern climate zone to be eligible for rebate dollars.  Items not included in eligible costs include trim, stain, paint, hardware, disposal fees, and permits.
  • Professionally installed labor is also eligible for removing and replacing insulation, windows, exterior doors.and other sealing measures, but items like trim and drywall work are not covered.  The contractor invoice should split out labor and material costs.
  • Home improvement products such as doors, windows, insulation, caulk, and weather stripping must be purchased and installed by December 31st of the current year.  Rebate dollars are limited and will be paid on a first come, first served basis.  The program can change or be canceled at any time.
  • Products must meet the following standards:
    • Windows and doors must be ENERGY STAR labeled
    • Insulation values and levels must meet ENERGY STAR standards
    • Other air sealing products such as caulk and weather stripping are eligible
  • Complete the weatherization rebate form, submit a copy of proof of purchase/sales receipt for energy efficiency improvements, and include Energy Star stickers or verification.
  • Project costs must be a minimum of $250.
  • Loans for weatherization improvement projects are also available upon credit approval.  Loan funds can be issued up to $10,000, 5% interest rate and seven-year repayment plan.

Weatherization Rebate Form (PDF)

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