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Energy Comparisons


How to use the chart

Find the chart of the electric heat you're considering i.e. air-to-air heat pump; geothermal (ground source) heat pump or electric resistance heat.

Find the kWh price for electricity and compare it to prices for propane, natural gas and oil on the same line.

For example, geothermal systems, with electricity at 6.05 cents/kWh is equal to propane (in a 90% efficient furnace) at 49 cents/gallon. If propane costs more, it's a more expensive form of heat.

  Electricity Water/Air HP
(COP 3) (cents/kWh) 
Fuel Oil Regular
(60% eff.) ($/gal.)
Propane Regular
(90% eff.) ($/gal.)  
Natural Gas Regular
(80% eff.) ($/therm)  
Natural Gas Super Eff.
(90% eff.) ($/therm)

Geothermal & Ground Source Heat Pumps 300% Efficient

6.05 0.49 0.49 .047 0.53

Air to Air Heat Pump 200% Efficient

6.05 0.73 0.73 0.71 0.80

Electric Resistance 100% Efficient

6.05 1.47 1.46 1.42 1.60
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